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The necklift, also referred to as platysmaplasty and submental platysmaplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to minimize the appearance of loose, sagging skin in the neck area and below the jaw line. Individuals with a fleshy neck, jowls, neck banding or a turkey waddle (also known as a “turkey neck”) may seek this procedure.

The necklift is often combined with a facelift, though patients should be aware that neither procedure addresses the area above the brow or around the eyes. These areas are better treated with a brow or forehead lift, or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). If you are seeking a complete transformation, you may wish to undergo these four procedures in conjunction with one another. In addition, laser resurfacing can be performed to increase facial rejuvenation and wrinkle removal.

A necklift may be performed with general anesthesia, light sleep sedation, twilight, regional or even an oral sedative and local anesthesia for less extensive procedures. The type of anesthesia and the associated risks should be discussed prior to surgery. Patients receiving deep general anesthesia should be sure to check that the anesthesiologist is certified. (Anesthesia services at Lasky Clinic are provided by General Anesthesia Specialist Partners, a board-certified group that has helped us maintain a remarkable safety record for more than 20 years.)

Are You a Good Candidate for a Necklift?

To be a good necklift candidate, you should be in good health and free of any active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions. In addition, you should be realistic in your expectations for the outcome of the surgery.

Because communication is essential to achieving any patient’s goals, you must be able to convey your desires to your surgeon. By discussing your goals in detail, you and your surgeon can reach an understanding about what can realistically be accomplished.

Patients undergoing any cosmetic procedure must be mentally and emotionally stable. Patience and stability is required for this operation and the healing period. A lull or depression sometimes occurs after surgery and this can develop into a more serious issue for patients with pre-existing emotional problems.


Necklifts can significantly improve the appearance of the neck, which is a commonly neglected area when it comes to sun damage and skin care. Benefits of a necklift procedure include tightening of loose, sagging skin; reduction of loose bands of skin and fat around the neck; a more pronounced jawline; and a slimmer, more youthful neck.

The Surgeons

Dr. Andrew Frankel
Dr. Andrew Frankel
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Dr. Leslie Howard Stevens
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Dr. Behrooz Torkian


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